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  • Trust Services
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  • Real Estate
  • PNL Management
  • Technology and Infrastructure Portfolios
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How Can Heichef Help You

Asset and Business reviewed
for clients

Mutual Funds.
Trusts and Holding Companies.
Private Equity.
Business PNL Guarantee.
Business and Infrastructure funding.

Heichef will help you structure your growing wealth; fixed and fluid asset in diverse forms and create appropriate vehicles and channels to leverage opportunities both locally and internationally for yourself and your named beneficiaries. 

Trust Services and Diversification of Portfolios

We help our clients preserve and enhance their wealth by providing flexible and efficient ways to safeguard their assets, plan their estates and meet their financial objectives.

Performing Security analyses

We give investors access to trade in high-quality securities and provide in-depth market research and competitive pricing of securities transactions to ensure positive earnings

Wealth Consulting

Experienced Advisors

We act as trusted advisors to high net worth clients to assist them in building and managing their wealth with their overall objectives in mind.


We are building strong economies and lasting prosperity through pioneering high-quality infrastructure projects in Africa, benefitting our investors, local communities, and the world.

Flexible Investment Strategies

We understand the market dynamics and actively manage client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluate possible adjustments to strategic asset allocation in response to economic changes,market trends or client needs

Financial Planning Services

We are committed to identifying, creating and providing access to some of the best, most innovative investment ideas and opportunities.

Personalized Professional Service

Our experienced and proficient relationship managers understand each client’s unique needs and are encouraged to seek the most innovative solution necessary to match these needs.